Our criminal defense team is uniquely qualified and possesses a broad range of experience.  With experience as both prosecutors and defense attorneys, our team can assess your case from all angles and guide you through the maze of the criminal justice system. 


Our attorneys have experience handling a wide range of criminal matters from traffic tickets to misdemeanor and felony matters.  Our attorneys can also assist you in taking advantage of diversionary court programs such as ARD, Drug Court, Mental Health Court, as well as expunging or sealing old criminal records. 


Our firm represents clients through a number of criminal matters, such as:


  • Traffic citations

  • Underage Drinking

  • Disorderly Conduct

  • Public Intoxication

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

  • Theft/Retail Theft

  • Trespassing/Burglary

  • Drug possession/delivery

  • Expungements

  • Sealing records



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