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Our attorneys and paralegals have substantial experience litigating cases in Pennsylvania Appellate Courts.  Our recent results and cases include:


After obtaining a favorable settlement against a Pennsylvania hospital in a medical malpractice action resulting from the death of a patient,  the Firm proceeded to trial against the remaining physicians and medical care facility.  After the Court wrongly dismissed some of the claims during trial, the Firm took the matter to the Pennsylvania Superior Court which reinstated the case against several defendants, the Firm further appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which agreed to decide whether the case should be reinstated as to all defendants.    


A six-figure settlement was obtained in Chester County, Pennsylvania, for a young girl bitten by a pitbull.  At the time of the incident the child was only 18 months old.  The Firm was able to prove that the dog had vicious tendencies and within months the homeowners settled the case.


A six figure settlement was obtained against a Philadelphia hospital that perforated our client's small intestine during a non-surgical procedure.


Following a six-day jury trial in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, the jury returned a six-figure verdict for the Plaintiff.  The case involved a blood clot in the brain that lead to our client's death.


A six-figure settlement was reached in a Chester County, Pennsylvania case where a drunk driver hit our client.  The insurance company tendered the entire policy pre-suit.


A seven-figure settlement was obtained in a Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania case.  The accident involved a motorcyclist who was hit from the side and suffered serious and permanent injuries.

A settlement was reached in a case where our client was killed in a car accident.  An estate was raised, and the executors of the estate received the entire underlying policy, as well as the entire UIM policy.

A six-figure settlement was reached in a case where our client had a knee replacement.  The knee surgery was negligently performed, and our client suffered severe and permanent injuries. 

A multi-million dollar settlement pre-suit involving a Philadelphia hospital.  The case involved the death of our client who was undergoing a liver transplant.

A seven-figure settlement was reached days before the scheduled trial in a case against a pathologist who failed to diagnose colon cancer which resulted in the early death of a married man with two young daughters.

A seven-figure settlement was reached against an OB/GYN  for failure to timely deliver a baby in fetal distress.  The child was born with cerebral palsy and various other permanent injuries.  



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