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Our business attorneys provide representation to individuals, start-ups and entities of all types and sizes. Whether guiding a business owner through formation, a buyout, or a merger, or representing a borrower in a complex loan transaction, our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and industry know–how that we use to efficiently achieve our clients’ goals.

Our clients rely on us to guide them through the issues that affect enterprises of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to multi-national corporations. We regularly counsel clients on transactions, vendor disputes, commercial collections, regulatory matters, and any number of day-to-day hurdles that business owners face in today’s challenging economic environment. When our clients are looking to grow or scale back, we also provide expert representation in mergers, acquisitions, sales, real estate transactions, lease agreements, and financing.


Our attorneys focus on results-based, common sense approaches to achieve outstanding results for our clients.


Christine S. Kimmel
p: 484.887.7529
f: 610.436.8305


Stephen P. McGuire
p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1020
f: 610.436.8305


Anthony Morris

p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1030



Joseph E. Brion
p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1010
f: 610.436.8305


Kristin S. Camp
p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1050
f: 610.436.8305

Aristidis W. Christakis

p: 610,235.0230

f: 610.436.8305

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