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Our litigation attorneys possess a broad experiential base, providing superior litigation services in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate level.


In addition to general business litigation representing clients as both plaintiffs and defendants, the firm has an active municipal litigation practice which involves litigating the interests of local municipalities and governmental entities.


The firm has earned an excellent reputation in land use matters involving zoning and land development issues, and has represented insurance companies in defense of negligence actions brought against insureds.


Our litigation attorneys take time to carefully explain the ramifications of protracted litigation and the potential costs to clients in time and money.



Louis B. Kupperman
p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1080
f: 610.436.8305

Warren E. Kampf

p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1490

f: 610.436.8305

Alexandra Roberts

p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1560

f: 610.436.6179

Audrey Suggs

p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1520

f: 610.436.6179

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