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You take care of your patients. Who takes care of you?


Our Healthcare Law Practice Group provides exceptional legal counsel to Pennsylvania healthcare professionals, providers and organizations of all types. Our approach is uniquely sophisticated, holistic, integrated, and solution-oriented, understanding that healthcare can be at once highly technical, highly regulated, highly competitive, highly entrepreneurial and yet a highly personal calling and a noble service to humanity. Answering the question above, we offer this response: At Buckley Brion, we are more than lawyers. We are trusted advisors and counselors who take care of our healthcare clients so they can do what they were trained to do.


Lead by a seasoned healthcare attorney with experience inside healthcare organizations and academia, our Healthcare Law Practice Group provides legal advice and representation to physicians, psychologists, dentists, sub specialists, practice groups, for-profit and nonprofit providers, elder care providers, institutional providers, outpatient centers, and therapeutic and diagnostic service providers. We offer the following services:


Healthcare Law Consultancy

–  Trusted, confidential advisors and counselors

–  Crisis response and management

–  Creative, strategic thinking

–  Problem identification and resolution

–  Second opinions


Healthcare Practice and Business Solutions

–  Healthcare startups and entrepreneurship

–  Practice/partnership creation and structuring

–  Practice/partnership acquisitions, sales and mergers

–  Provider service agreements/independent contractor arrangements

–  Strategic planning, alignments and joint ventures

–  Corporate structuring and governance

–  Practice/partnership succession planning

–  Practice/partnership dissolutions and business “divorces”

–  Litigation


Healthcare Licensing, Contracting, Reimbursement and Compliance

–  Licensing and credentialing

–  Medicaid/Medical Assistance/Medicare contracting and billing

–  Managed care contracting and billing

–  Compliance questions and consulting

–  Compliance program design

–  Internal auditing and investigations

–  Response to external audits and investigations, claims disputes and take-backs

–  Fraud and abuse, Stark Law, anti-kickback, false claims


–  Litigation


Healthcare Employment Solutions

–  Employment contracts and compensation structures

–  Employment and benefits questions and compliance

–  Employment discrimination

–  Employment termination

–  Employer/employee disputes and negotiations

–  Litigation


Healthcare Real Estate Solutions

–  Office space leasing

–  Office space acquisition

–  Office space development, design, financing and construction

–  Landlord/tenant disputes

–  Litigation


Healthcare Intellectual Property and Academic Research Solutions

–  Intellectual property protection and branding (copyright, trademark)

–  Patient records ownership and protection

–  Academic research collaborations

–  Publishing


Beyond Healthcare Solutions

–  Entrepreneurial ventures outside of health care

–  Personal real estate matters

–  Personal Estate planning

–  Personal family matters (separation, divorce, child custody)

–  Business and personal dispute negotiation and resolution

–  Litigation



James Kimmel, Jr.

(Group Leader)
p: 610.347.0780
f: 610.436.8305



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