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Our land use and municipal attorneys trace their roots to the founding of our firm in 1969. We pride ourselves on our vast experience working with government bodies in various capacities.  Collectively, the firm has handled thousands of municipal, zoning, and land use matters before local governing bodies, zoning hearing boards, administrative agencies, and in the lower courts and appellate courts of the Commonwealth. We take a leadership role on many of the most pressing issues facing our governmental clients, earning this role because of our competency and experience.


Our lawyers were instrumental in bringing together the public and private sectors to develop the land use regulations in the creation of  “Applebrook,” a combined development and land preservation initiative located in East Goshen Township that preserved 100 acres of prime land as a public township park. This project resulted in the establishment of a beautiful 150-acre golf course, restricted with conservancy easements in perpetuity, complimented by a sprinkling of high-quality clustered and estate homes, as well as the restoration and preservation of  a  historic manor house on the property.


Members of this practice group represent commonwealth and county agencies, numerous municipal governments, zoning hearing boards and municipal authorities as solicitors and special counsel. The firm also routinely represents private developers and national corporations in significant zoning and land use matters.


Joseph E. Brion
p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1010
f: 610.436.8305


Kristin S. Camp
p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1050
f: 610.436.8305


Michael S. Gill
p: 484.887.7529
f: 610.436.8305

Tom Oeste
p: 610.436.4400 Ext.1550
f: 610.436.8305


Kimberly P. Venzie
p: 610.436.4400 Ext 1650
f: 610.436.8305


Aristidis W. Christakis

p: 610,235.0230

f: 610.436.8305

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